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Fair Play Trophy for 19th District Taekwondo Championship 2016


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Fitness Day

We know the benefits of regular exercise includes a healthier heart, increased well being, and a better quality of lif...

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Kite Making Day

The children enjoyed making their own kites. They used words such as; 'fly away', 'wind.' Enjoy making kites at school...

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  • Staff Council
  • Parent Teacher Association/School Managing Committee (SMC)
  • Sexual Redressal Cell
  • Student Parliament
  • Parent Teacher Meeting (every second Saturday 8.30am to 10.30am)
  • Cultural & Literary Activities
  • Sports & Games-Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volley Ball and Athletics
  • Fine Arts- Craft
  • Music & Dance
  • Karate/Yoga
  • School Band
  • Career Guidance and Counseling
  • Clubs- Science, Sports, Books, Arts, Maths, Dramatics, Eco.
  • Audio – Visual Room